Turn It Up National Dance Challenge – Long Branch, NJ

We are so excited and overwhelmed by all of our overall group placements and high scores we received!!! We have truly finished this entire season ON TOP!!!!
It was an honor to be chosen to perform with the best of the best in the Final Dance Battle!!!! Our dancers were also chosen at the regional competition to be a part of the national dance team and performed in the opening number that kicked off the junior and senior dance battles!!!

Teen Solo Division – 59 contestants 💪🏻👏🏻

Emily Fancher
platinum solo lyrical – Heart of Gold Award which is the dance with the most heart and emotional connection to the song 💛
platinum solo contemporary – 11th place overall
Madison ODonnell
platinum solo contemporary – special award “laser focused” !!!
Taryn Kakalecik
high gold solo jazz
high gold contemporary
Jenna Chulock
platinum solo hip hop
Cecilia Flock
high gold solo contemporary
platinum solo hip hop
Avriella Forty
platinum solo jazz
Baylee Makarczyk
platinum solo contemporary
platinum solo musical theater – 14th place overall 
Sofia Klick
platinum solo hip hop
Adrienne Culp
high gold solo hip hop
Mikaylee Zoeller
platinum solo lyrical
high platinum solo contemporary – 5th place overall
Aleena Sheikh
high gold solo open – 12th place overall (Novice Division)

Junior Solo Division – 52 contestants 💪🏻👏🏻

Addison Wychock
high gold solo lyrical
high gold solo jazz
high gold solo hip hop
Grace Skalla
high gold solo jazz
high gold solo modern
Addison Pecile
high gold solo jazz
high gold solo hip hop
Addison Machey
high platinum solo hip hop – 4th place overall
platinum solo jazz – special award “firecracker” !!!!
Alexa Brace
platinum solo jazz
platinum solo hip hop
Avery Pfeiffer
high gold solo lyrical
Aleena Sheik
high gold solo open (Novice Division)

Senior Teen Duo/Trio Division

Julia O’Donnell and Baylee Makarczyk(Competitive Division)
platinum duo lyrical
platinum duo contemporary

Teen Duo/Trio Division

Mikaylee Zoeller, Julia O’Donnell, Baylee Makarczyk (Competitive Division)
platinum trio lyrical
Cecilia Flock, Avriella Forty and Sofia Klick
platinum trio hip hop – 4th place overall and special “Hype” award
Baylee Makarczyk and Madison O’Donnell
platinum duo musical theater – 3rd place overall and special award “Best Costume”

Junior Small Group Division

high gold open
high gold jazz
high gold contemporary – special award “simply beautiful”

Junior Duo/Trio Division

Alexa Brace and Leah Dorneman
platinum duo open – 10th place overall
Grace Skalla and Kendall Gallagher
platinum duo jazz
Grace Skalla and Alexa Brace
platinum duo musical theater – 4th place overall
Hailey Faust and Addison Pecile
high gold duo hip hop
Addison Machey, Alexa Brace and Leah Dorneman
platinum trio hip hop – 3rd place overall
Alyssa Polidora and Aleena Sheikh
high gold duo musical theater – 5th overall (novice)

Senior Teen Solo Division

Abby Best
high gold solo contemporary
Julia O’Donnell
high platinum solo contemporary
high platinum solo open – special award “Fantastic Fluidity”

Junior Large Group Division

platinum hip hop

Tiny Large Group Division

Shimmering Stars –  NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!! 🎉
platinum lyrical – 1st overall and special award “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars”
platinum hip hop – 2nd overall

Junior Teen Large Group Division

platinum contemporary – 9th place overall
platinum open – 8th place overall
high platinum hip hop – 2nd place overall and special award “full out, no marking”

Teen Small Group Division

platinum lyrical – 8th place overall
high platinum jazz – 5th place overall and special award “Fierce Divas”
high platinum hip hop – 3rd place overall
🔥The TOP scoring groups were invited to the FINAL DANCE BATTLE which included our large group GlitzFire for their hip hop routine “You Ready” and our small group Revolution for their hip hop “Revolution.”
🎉🎉1st Runner Up for NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION – GlitzFire “You Ready!!”🎉🎉


Our youngest ever national champions!!!!
Anastasia Porpiglia
platinum solo hip hop – 1st overall AND special “Party Starter” award!!!
Anastasia Porpiglia and Aria Gennaro
platinum duo hip hop – 1st overall AND special award THE ENTERTAINMENT AWARD 🎉
You have all worked so hard and earned every single award you received this week!! We are so proud of all you have accomplished!!! 🏆💙👏🏻🔥